Skype Auto Recorder


An application that provides a convenient way to record Skype calls in automatic and manual modes. Supports flexible configuration and produces high-quality records.


  • Recording calls to MP3:
    • high sound quality up to 48 kHz 320 kbps,
    • stereo or mono,
    • unlimited length of the record,
    • a possibility to increase the volume of recording sound.
  • Advanced configuration.
  • Automatic mode that doesn’t require any actions from the user.
  • Possibilities to start and cancel recording manually.
  • System-wide hot keys.
  • Silent work in the tray with automatic connect/reconnect to Skype.
  • Flexible filters:
    • recording calls with contacts or group of contacts to different files,
    • recording all calls regardless of specified filters,
    • possibility to exclude contacts so their calls will never be recorded automatically.
  • Patterns in the output file names.
  • Optional auto-start with Windows.

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