A Free GUI for Accessing Local S3 (HTTP) on macOS


If you are testing some stuff on your development environment and are looking for a convenient UI to access a locally hosted S3 through HTTP, take a look at Cyberduck with a custom profile. Read below to learn how to set it up in a few simple steps.

Creating VS Code extensions


The article covers essential steps on how to create a typical extension for the Visual Studio Code and publish it in the marketplace. It also explains how to automate the publishing of releases on GitHub instead of manual calls of the CLI. Useful links for a quick start are provided.

Team-shared Nuget package with StyleCop and other Roslyn analyzers

In the previous article StyleCop with team-shared rules and auto-update I've covered how to package StyleCop analyzers as a Nuget package, and distribute it to the team with automatic updates. While that approach is still valid, the part related to the Nuget project itself is overcomplicated and cumbersome. This time I'd like to show a simpler and easier way how to package any Roslyn analyzers including StyleCop and all related settings.

A System.Text.Json converter to serialize/deserialize a JSON node as a string

How to deserialize a part of JSON as a string keeping everything inside as is including the formatting? Or how to merge JSONs together into one having them provided as strings? The article shows an implement of a custom converter for the System.Text.Json that does described things, and provides additional cases when such converter might be useful.

The new blog


My previous blog was created using WordPress. Overall, it was a good experience, but in course of time I understood that it is simply too much for my personal blog because of several reasons.

How to make Windows Terminal nice and convenient


Scott Hanselman explained how to make a pretty prompt in the Windows Terminal.

I'd like to list additional hints where and what to tweak in the Windows Terminal in order to make it even more convenient and nicer as the daily tool.

StyleCop with team-shared rules and auto-update

The post covers how to implement StyleCop analyzers with automatically updating team-shared rules and settings. The described approach works both in Visual Studio and Rider and on any CI.

Convert MongoDB’s UUID to .NET GUID

One of the form how MongoDB represents UUID is BinData of type 3 or 4. The post covers how to convert the Legacy UUID (LUUID) to the .NET GUID representation.

1 year of living in München


Exactly 1 year ago we arrived in Munich. New country, new city, new job, new life.

This post is about living here: a personal opinion what was wondering and unusual comparing to the Ukraine, what is really good and what annoys every day.

Parsing non-existing enum values

A quick question to check the knowledge how enum values work under the hood.

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