The new blog


My previous blog was created using WordPress. Overall, it was a good experience, but in course of time I understood that it is simply too much for my personal blog because of several reasons.

How to make Windows Terminal nice and convenient


Scott Hanselman explained how to make a pretty prompt in the Windows Terminal.

I'd like to list additional hints where and what to tweak in the Windows Terminal in order to make it even more convenient and nicer as the daily tool.

StyleCop with team-shared rules and auto-update

The post covers how to implement StyleCop analyzers with automatically updating team-shared rules and settings. The described approach works both in Visual Studio and Rider and on any CI.

Convert MongoDB’s UUID to .NET GUID

One of the form how MongoDB represents UUID is BinData of type 3 or 4. The post covers how to convert the Legacy UUID (LUUID) to the .NET GUID representation.

1 year of living in München


Exactly 1 year ago we arrived in Munich. New country, new city, new job, new life.

This post is about living here: a personal opinion what was wondering and unusual comparing to the Ukraine, what is really good and what annoys every day.

Parsing non-existing enum values

A quick question to check the knowledge how enum values work under the hood.

The issue with the order of newly added entities in Entity Framework Core


Recently I've developed a simple processing application that generates some data in the database. For business logic it was important to understand what entity was created the last on some steps. Since there was no concern about scaling or running several instances simultaneously, it was decided to use the primary key itself, the auto-incremental integer value. I didn't want to rely somehow on date-time or invent something sophisticated.

The new using declaration in C# 8


C# 8 contains a new "enhancement" to the syntax: a declaration of using scope as a variable. While it might be considered as a good simplification to one of the most used constructions, not everything is so univocal.

Ansible Control Machine on Windows


The post describes how to easily run Ansible on Windows without docker, VirtualBox or Hyper-V. The approach utilizes Linux through Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) available in Windows 10.

A custom Json.NET converter

Sometimes, the incoming data in JSON has some custom form that is not supported by the built-in Json.NET converters. In this article, as an educational example, we will implement a custom converter from the UNIX time format in milliseconds to the native .NET class DateTime.

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