Static blog


A base for a static blog that serves content written in .md files, and can be easily hosted for free on Github Pages, Vercel or similar services.

The blog was created using

The following features are supported:

  • No admin panel for editing content because the website is completely static. Less problems with security.
  • Posts and portfolio items are created as .md files. Any editor that supports markdown including direct edit on GitHub can be used to add new content.
  • Posts support tags and categories. Blog automatically collects them from all content files to display on the side bar.
  • Viewing all posts by tag or category with pagination.
  • Portfolio items automatically show posts related to them.
  • SEO-optimization that includes automatically generated sitemap.xml, pages meta-description, etc.
  • Blog doesn't have a UI design, but the support of LESS and example of its usage is added.
  • Everything is already pre-rendered and loads with maximum performance.

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