Limiting the number of threads

In our project we faced the problem of how to make running some calculations concurrently. We can simply start each calculation in a separate thread but the problem is how to limit the number of threads.

Skype Auto Recorder 1.2

The Skype Auto Recorder version 1.2 was released. It contains important bug fixes and finally can be treated as stable.

The source code is available on GitHub.

JIRA Story Print

Today I would like to introduce my new open-source application designed to make printing of JIRA stories much easier - JIRA Story Print.

Recording Skype calls. Part 1. Skype API and sound processing


Recording Skype calls may be very useful, especially when we discuss some business questions or, for example, approaches related to the project issues. Also listening to records may help to improve knowledge of the English language, correct mistakes.

I decided to try to develop an application that will use Skype API and record a conversation to the MP3-file.