Essential addons for Visual Studio 2017


Here is my updated list of the essential Visual Studio 2017 add-ons for comfortable and productive work. You can check also the previous list for Visual Studio 2015.

Essential addons for Visual Studio 2015


My list of the essential add-ons that should be installed on Visual Studio 2015 to make work more comfortable and productive. Nothing extra, just a minimal list of features that are missing in the IDE by default.

Open XAML without design editor in Visual Studio

A short post about Visual Studio setting that disables the design editor for XAML files.

Static extension in WPF XAML and public ResX files

For localization or some other reason you might want to access the static resources in ResX file from the XAML using Static extension.

Visual Studio doesn't update assemblies in the output directory

There can be an issue that you change something in the code, start debugging by pressing F5 and don't see the changes in the application. Visual Studio sometimes simply ignores them in a non-startup assembly.

P4Merge integration

Perforce P4Merge is a great free diff and 3-way merge tool that has a very good visualization of differences and conflicts. In this post I'll show how to integrate it into the popular clients of version control systems and to the Visual Studio.